Musequality World Busks

Our first ever Musequality World Busk® in 2009 welcomed over 800 buskers in 75 locations, in
17 countries, on 7 continents – and one sea. Since then, professional and amateur musicians on all
seven continents have taken to the streets (or ice floes or flight decks) to raise money for Musequality.
(See map below). And now we’re set to do it all over again.

World Busk® 2014 will take place from Monday 9 to Sunday 15 June.
This year we will be attempting the Guinness World Record for ‘Largest Busk at Multiple Venues’
on Wednesday 11 June at 18:00 British Summer Time (GMT+1).

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To participate in World Busk® 2014 Please register.
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There is still time to register

Thank you to everyone who has signed up so far:

UK groups signed up for the GWR attempt are the Citi Group Choir, BSI choir, Haifa Jordan and Friends, Musequality Philharmonic, Dulwich, Lauderdale and Wallington Suzuki groups.

Schools also signed up include the Alec Reed Academy, Latymer Upper School, Notting Hill and Ealing High, and the Southbank International School’s Little Venice Suzuki Group and Cumnor House from Croydon playing in Slovenia,

In Oxford we have jazz with Jordy Juritz and Friends, Matt Hollins Group in Bristol, Naked Voices and Friends in Brighton.

Global buskers signed up for the GWR attempt, include the Palo Alto Chamber Group in the US. Sergio Feferovich, conductor of the Argentine Choirs, Clave de Si and Provisorio in Buenos Aires. Zama Montessori School, Hugo Lambrechts Music Academy, Keiskamma Music Academy in South Africa,The Music Project in Sri Lanka, Elgon Youth Development Centre and Tender Talents Magnet School in Uganda and the National Street for Performing Arts Mumbai, India.

Other world groups(non GWR) Beau Soleil Music Centre in South Africa. Ensemble Sirenide for Musequality-Casanova Baroque Orchestra in Italy, and Child’s Play Foundation, Goa in India,

Other registered UK groups (non GWR) include Tim Dowling with Police Dog Hogan, Pennthorpe School, Horsham, Kiltearn Fiddlers, Highlands, Barbershop Quartet, Dorothy Stringer School, Brighton, the Music Alters Everything (MAE) Foundation in Shropshire, Singing it Back Choirs in Kingston

Other solo or smaller groups who are registered for the World Busk week include the Bow Beau Belles, Milos Milivojevic, Offbeat, Pram chorus, Naima Neto, Charline Tokan, Helen Spiby-Vann, Ishani Bhoola, Eva Alcantarilla, Alena Casey, Vincent Laux, Jayanti Mitra-Valdez, Indian violin group (Jyotsna), Barney Spigeland, Diana Russell, Cathy Schofield and pupils in London. Sammy Hollister from Funky Voices, Dominic Ormson in Cardiff, Graham Godfrey in Suffolk, William Emslie, Julian Coogan, Claudia Jones and Misha Sutherland in the UK.

Further afield musicians include Fergus Mckay in France, Ruskin Herman from Spain, Julie Robinson in Jersey, El Camino – The Journey in South Africa, Lex Hart in Salt Lake City, Jana Debusk, in New York, Sphinx Music in Detroit and Gina Mauro from Albany in the US. John Abraham and Friends in Canada, and Adam Taylor and Glen McAllister in Australia.

‘We’re looking for musicians of all kinds and any level, age, shape or size. Whatever kind of music you play, whether you’re plucking a ukulele or have a 100-piece orchestra behind you, what really makes the difference is enth usiasm,’ says Musequality founder, David Juritz.

To participate in World Busk® 2014 Please register today or email us now to receive further details.

See below for the map of all our previous buskers.

World  Busk 2013World Busk 2013

The 2013 World Busk® encouraged musicians in every country to take to the streets during the week of 10-16 June for Musequality’s fifth annual fundraising event.

In London, the Barnet Band made their first World Busk® appearance at the bandstand in Victoria Park, Hackney, where they collected almost £150 in two hours.

On the London Underground, buskers turned out to perform a variety of musical pieces at South Kensington tube station. Performers included Il Violini and their teacher, Cathy Schofield, and several of Musequality’s trustees.

Ealing Junior Music School helped raise funds by singing and playing to an audience in the school’s cafeteria.

On the other side of the world the Cherrill family joined the World Busk in Paraumu Beach, New Zealand.

One of our long-standing supporters, Angela Amato and the Ensemble Musicale Giovanile, gave performances at Citta’ della Scienza in Naples, Italy.

This year’s special mention goes to Miyumi Miwa and the SNSO Ramo wind
for putting on a Streetcar Busk in Tokyo, Japan. Their moving musical
performance raised £100.

Musequality’s projects also joined in to raise funds. The Camerata Child’s Play
played a selection of music from Bach to Gershwin, and other musicians
gathered to perform at the Literati Bookshop in Calangute, Goa, India.
In Uganda, while Tender Talents busked at the Metroplex Shopping Centre in Kampala,
Elgon Youth Development Centre played at the Mbale Bus Park Station. The brass band,
cultural dance troupe and Director Fredrick Kyewalyanga all took part.

Fredrick commented:
‘We used mainly our junior band with a few seniors to show the
community at the bus park that the street children they used to
see in their working area, poorly dressed, begging and disorganised
have changed for good and are living a better life. These young boys
were recognised by people working at the station as the band played.
This made us proud and happy that the community appreciated our
work. This was the best ever with a total of £179 raised.
It is not the funds that made this event the best, however, but the
audience, who were moved by the former street children.’

2012 buskersWorld Busk 2012

The 2012 annual public fundraiser, dedicated to supporting disadvantaged children and young lives in the developing world, took place from Monday 11 to Sunday 17 June.

Musicians of all levels, armed with every musical instrument imaginable, from countries spanning more than four continents, took to the streets to busk and raise money for Musequality and its music projects.

Notable countries participating included Lebanon, Portugal, South Africa, Japan, Uganda, Italy, South Korea, the USA and the UK.

World Busk® 2012 took busking to a whole new level with ‘extreme busking’. In Hammersmith, London, this took the form of a daring underwater busk by Latymer Upper School’s sub-aqua team. Could you set up an ‘extreme busk’ for World Busk® 2014? Contact us.

2012 was also the year Musequality volunteer David Tomlinson made his world debut as a clarinet player, wowing the public with his new-found talent. David had taken up the clarinet as his retirement hobby, learning to play in time for his public recital at the London Single Reeds Concert. David had raised over £595 through his sponsored practices up to grade 2 standard.

Other highlights in London included performances by Chiswick’s very own folk band Silvermoths and singer-songwriter Laura Doggett at Bedford Park Festival. There was also an all-day busk at South Kensington tube station involving around 25 musicians, who raised £735.44 in total.

Across the globe, London was joined by our overseas projects, Elgon Youth
Brass Band
in Uganda and Child’s Play in Goa, and Italy’s finest musicians from
Festa della Musica
. South African buskers Adam Campbell, Satchen Gush and
David Jones
from Kingswood School performed outside Pic n Pay, and their
contributions went towards small percussion instruments for the weekly music
classes at the Little Red Dragon pre-school at the Lebone Centre.

The 2012 event supported ten of Musequality’s existing projects and newly set-up
initiatives at the Good Shepherd Homein the Mengo slum of Kampala,
Uganda, and Huay Nam Yen School in Thailand. It also brought
Musequality into direct contact with several organisations who share our goals,
such as the charity Moving Mountains, which funds a school in the slum
district of the Embu, eastern Kenya – a school which was looking to introduce
music into its curriculum but had no instruments to do so.

World Busk 2011

2011 uskers

It began in the icy wastes of Antarctica, and ended a week later in New Zealand. In between, streets and public places around the world were treated to a string of outdoor performances that made Musequality’s 2011 World Busk one of the liveliest and most diverse yet. Over the course of the week, 59 separate busks involving almost 500 participants took place in 16 countries. This was an extraordinary achievement, and more than £7,000 was raised for projects supported by Musequality as well as money for numerous local initiatives.

On 12 June, more than 230 people in 11 countries turned out to try and help us beat our own 2009 record for largest coordinated world busk. Sadly, we didn’t quite make it, but we are extremely proud of what everyone achieved.

If there was an award for toughest audience, it would go to the Rothera Winter Crew for their attempt to entertain a handful of uninterested penguins in Antarctica. Wettest busk probably goes to the brave performers at Bedford Park Festival Speed Busk in Chiswick, London. Both they and Fredrick Kyewalyanga and the Elgon Youth Brass Band in Uganda should also be congratulated for possibly the first ever mutual live busk, in which they played to each other via a telephone link. A strong contender for most unusual instrument must be the dulcimer played by Bryson Gerard in St Louis.

It was great to have so many schools involved, such as Grove Park Primary School in London, whose efforts continued all week. The Discovery School in Hong Kong took part to raise money for the Ban Mai Mok Cham school project in Thailand – and not to be outdone, the Ban Mai Mok school joined in too. Some events were on an impressive scale, like the choirs, bands and acts who came together in Nigeria for a day of busking to raise funds for a local music project.

One of the busk’s proudest achievements was giving a voice to Palestinian refugee children in Beirut. A group of children performed songs and classical music pieces on the violin and traditional Middle Eastern instruments in busy Hamra Street. They were from the Al Kamandjati project, a non-profit association that makes music accessible to children in Palestine and the refugee camps. Palestinians in Lebanon often have a difficult time, so it was heart-warming to hear how well the spectators received their performance.

Musequality would like to thank everyone who played and contributed, including long term supporters, The Treblemakers (the Acappella group outside South Kensington underground station); Harriet Cochrane and Isla Ratcliff in the Royal Mile, Edinburgh; Kingswood School in Grahamstown, South Africa; Angela Amati and her Orchestra in Naples, Italy; Ryeland Harp Ring in the US; the Ezra Beats in Madrid, Spain; members of the Shin Nippon Symphony Orchestra in Ramo, Japan; Roy Wheelock in the US and many, many others.

Taking part is easy and it’s fun, too! Just register.

World Busk 2010

Buskers in 2010

The 2010 World Busk started on Monday 7 June and finished with a day for young musicians on Sunday 13 June. All contributions received via our US donations site were used to help rebuild music schools destroyed by the earthquake in Haiti. That money was shared between the Holy Trinity Music School reconstruction fund and Instrumental Change Contributions received in the UK went to support Musequality's existing projects around the world.

Buskers included the Mahler Chamber Orchestra with Andrew Manze in Vienna. There were buskers in Japan, Crete, Italy and a very good turnout in the UK. US buskers included six year old Thomas Vranker from Rhode Island who busked three times during the week, he Ryeland Harp Ring, a massed harp orchestra in Pennyslvania and a celtic group and Angela Amati and her Orchestra in Naples, Italy.

Thank you to everyone who took part.

World Record 2009

2009 buskers

At 12 noon on Sunday 14 June. 483 people in 29 cities in 14 countries on all seven continents helped establish a record for the largest co-ordinated busk in the world.

BBC World News broadcast clips of buskers throughout the day while the crew of HMS Illustrious, in the middle of a foggy Baltic Sea took a break from their NATO exercise to boost our numbers. Near the South Pole, the Antarctic Minkes were chipping ice off their guitars as the temperature dropped to minus 15 C. Nine harpists took to the streets in Adamstown, PA, William Cooper bagpiped in Picadilly Circus and even the Chief of Police in the Falkland Islands was seen strumming a guitar.

Light Relief started the world record busk in Tauranga, New Zealand, followed closely by Ist Café Tonia in Kobe, Japan. 21 hours later, the Palo Alto Chamber Orchestra, Musequality’s guitar hero, Michael Partington (who busked all seven days!) and violinist, David McCaroll were among the last buskers that day.
There were several mass busks – 50 crewmembers on HMS Illustrious, 30 Friends of Goa at the Ruislip Lido, 42 at Stanley, Falkland Islands and 141 speed-buskers in just ten minutes at the Bedford Park Festival in west London. All participants were required to have an independent witness and to fill in a witness form and return it to us.

Buskers 2009-2010 First row: Barbershop Chorus Light Relief, New Zealand.
Falkland Islands’ police chief witnesses Vocalise with Shirley Adams Leach MBE.
Angela Amato’s Sirenide for Musequality, Italy.
Second row:Craig Ogden. Royal College of Music Junior Departmernt string quartet.
Sam Meredith and Nick Booth. Jocie Juritz awaits speed busk. Rob Juritz. Wind Chamber
Orchestra, St Pancras International.
Third row: London: Tutti Flutti, Chiswick. Heidi Goldsmith, South Kensington.
London Tango Quintet.with Taro Hakaset, St Pancras International. Senior officers as
Peruvian pipers, HMS Illustrious. Primary school violinists, Woking.
Fourth row: Mark Fennell, Isle of Wight. Royal College of Music Junior wind quartet.
Kensington Symphony Orchestra. Beside the Thames. Goan picnickers join the busk, Middlesex
Fifth row: Nine year old Sarah Gordon, London. Kier the Street Musician, Weymouth.
Barbershop Capital Chorus, London. Guitarist Simon Green, London. Acephale the magician,
Seattle. The Wandering Skewers, Padstow

Round the World and Bach

Busking trip

On 9 June 2007, armed only with a violin, backpack and a totally empty wallet, South African-born violinist,David Juritz, set out from his west-London home to fulfil a long-held ambition. Over the next five months, relying only on his busking earnings, David visited 50 cities in 24 countries, on every continent except Antarctica, playing music for solo violin by Bach on street corners.

While he described his 80,000-mile 'Round the World and Bach' journey as, 'a bit of a dream, a bit of a challenge and a total roller coaster', there was a larger purpose to his project; to raise money and awareness for the newly formed charity, Musequality, and its first project at the Tender Talents Magnet School, a school for disadvantaged children in Kampala.

I'm very lucky to make a living from music,’ says David, ‘but, for me, the most amazing thing of all is how getting young people involved in music can really transform their lives. I’ve seen it happen in so many places.  That’s why I wanted to do something to help people setting up music projects, particularly for kids who are too often overlooked.’

Because Musequality was founded by a busker we decided to keep that tradition going. Each summer, for one week only, professional and amateur musicians across the globe participate in the Musequality World Busk® to raise money for the charity and its music projects.

Now in its 6th year, World Busk® 2014 promises to be the best ever.

To register your interest and for more details on our upcoming 2014 World Busk®, please email us.

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