Sponsor us and enhance your corporate goals

Sponsorship of the Musequality World Busk is a unique opportunity to promote your company or organisation, helping you to demonstrate your commitment to social change in the developing world, meet your corporate social responsibility goals and so enhance your business reputation, and produce greater returns on your investment.

Sponsorship opportunities

We have several sponsorship packages which can be tailored to suit your company’s goals and your contribution to the busk.

Matched funding

Perhaps you would like to match fund buskers in your country or on the same continent as you? This might also provide opportunities for you to gain publicity specifically where you are which might suit your corporate objectives better.

And, from our point of view, matched funding would provide an added incentive to our buskers to make the most of their busk and would encourage more hesitant supporters to get out and give busking a try. More importantly, it could double the amount of support we can offer to Musequality projects.

Nimrod"The streets of Soweto are vibrating with an enormous amount of energy from the children. Little souls playing on the streets 'til late at night, always looking for something to do to occupy their minds. All they need is proper guidance. My aim is to provide the children with an opportunity to grow through music. I hope that music will be an element of their lives which can inspire them to become better people, regardless of whether they want to become artists, doctors, teachers or accountants. It is for this reason that Melodi Music Trust was founded."

Nimrod Moloto

Director and Founder
Melodi Music Trust
Soweto, South Africa

About Musequality

The world busk aims to raise money for Musequality, whose mission is:

  • to support the development of music projects for underprivileged children in the developing world that will foster self-confidence and growth in their social, intellectual and spiritual capacities.
  • to provide the necessary financial assistance to these projects and Musequality’s beneficiaries through exchange programmes and training.
  • to facilitate partnerships between established music ensembles and Musequality’s beneficiaries through exchange programmes and training.

We are currently supporting projects in Africa, Indis, Kenya and Thailand. The world busk will help us continue to support these projects – and set up more.


Tender Talents, a Musequality music project