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Musequality will close on 31st January 2015

The trustees have taken the very difficult decision to close Musequality at the end of its financial year, 31st January 2015. Details are in the newsletter we have sent all our supporters; please do read it here. Our websites (for Musequality and the Musequality World Busk) will remain up for the foreseeable future so that visitors to the sites can see how music projects can change young lives, learn about the remarkable achievements made by the projects we sponsored, take inspiration from the many imaginative busks and fundraising events held by Musequality supporters, and follow our tips for having a safe and enjoyable busk whatever the reason for their busk. Do browse through the sites.

Sadly, we are no longer taking donations. If you are interested in supporting any of the projects direct, please do contact them, they are still all running. We will write again, by newsletter, to all our supporters as we wind down to closure.

“Disadvantaged children often lack social skills as they miss
out on social training within the family. Music is a powerful
influence in the fulfillment of these children’s development and
this training programme will help them develop the life skills
to become a holistic person.”

Simon Yiga
Musequality Project Director
Tender Talents Magnet School
Kampala, Uganda

About Musequality

The world busk aims to raise money for Musequality, whose mission is:

  • to support the development of music projects for underprivileged children in the developing world that will foster self-confidence and growth in their social, intellectual and spiritual capacities.
  • to provide the necessary financial assistance to these projects and Musequality’s beneficiaries through exchange programmes and training.
  • to facilitate partnerships between established music ensembles and Musequality’s beneficiaries through exchange programmes and training.

We are currently supporting projects in Africa, India, Kenya and Thailand. The world busk will help us continue to support these projects – and set up more.